Just kidding, the NEXT one is Gacy House. Promise.

THIS one is yet another foreign horror film from a country using the wrong damn clock and the title refers to 11:59 pm Murrica time. Set in 1980s Singapore, a group of soldiers are in the jungle on a mysterious island in the middle of some kind of Singapwar, but it’s not the enemy soldiers they have to worry about, it’s GHOOOOOOOOSTS!!!!


Or one ghost. A creepy lady who died at 23:59, which you may recognise as right before midnight, the most supernatural of hours. One of the soldiers goes missing and another is having visions that convince him that he is next. How did the creepy lady die??? What does she want??? Why is this Asian guy named Chester????

All these questions can be answered by remembering the experience of watching this movie, which….eh. I remember dark creepy jungles, and I remember the mean scary ghost lady, I think she was murdered by the general or her kid was killed or she’s a shaman or…..eh….I can’t remember. Maybe it’s all three.

I’m gonna level with you, I didn’t really research this one and the movie wasn’t terribly memorable and all I’ve been doing is playing Torchlight 2 for the past week, which is an awesome game and everyone should play it and my berserker class warrior has a pet ferret that I’ve named Snuggles and he loves to run people off cliffs for me and make squeaky ferret noises and I really have to get back to it.

I give this film…..ONE TORCHLIGHT 2!!!!

Snuggles waits for no blog.
Snuggles waits for no blog.

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