ABCs of Death

WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN THE PERFECT NAME FOR THIS BLOG but whatever I’m not bitter and am clearly over it.

Welcome to the letters portion of the alphabet! (I bet you thought the whole alphabet was letters but you forgot about the “shitty sequential dates and times” portion of the alphabet. Sucker.) ABCs of Death is a horror anthology comprised of 26 short films by 26 different directors. Each director was given a letter of the alphabet and told to chose any one word starting with that letter to be the title of the short, as long as it involved death. And because this is the kind of creative project that only smart, talented, and dedicated people can make, THIS IS ACTUALLY A GOOD FILM.



The filmses range from the creepy to the comedic to the disturbing and some truly awesome directors made contributions. Plus you get to play the game where you guess what the title will be because they don’t give it to you until the end of the short, which makes for an excellent drinking game hint hint.

This film is so good and interesting and such a smart concept, you guys. And it’s hard to tell you any more without spoiling something. In fact I kinda want to just stop writing this and watch it again. Also there’s an ABCs of Death 2 that I haven’t seen and I need to and maybe will right now.

This film gets……FIVE HORRORS!!!

That’s the maximum number of allowable horrors!!!

Also sorry this post wasn’t super funny – it’s hard when the film is good. Don’t despair, I’m sure the next one will be awful because 85% of them are. Stay with me.

Here's a banana that's shaped like a penis. It's funny because penises are funny. I AM TRYING.
Here’s a banana that’s shaped like a penis. It’s funny because penises are funny. I AM TRYING.
ABCs of Death

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