Bound To Vengeance

LOL I bet some of you believed me when I said I would start doing this weekly like an actual professional who gives a shit. So if you’re disappointed that I disappeared for two months with no warning or reason, it’s your fault for not picking up on my poor work ethic. And if you think for a second that I’m not going to blame you for my overwhelming shortcomings, THEN FUCK YOU GET OUT.

I love you, come back, you’re all I have.

Bound To Vengeance is a 2015 femsploitation revenge film from director Jose Manuel Cravioto, and I’ve been avoiding writing about it because it requires actual analysis and thought, which is something I spend this whole blog trying desperately not to do. The film’s protagonist is Eve, the imprisoned victim of a sadistic rapist. Once she manages to escape, she discovers that there are other victims hidden across the city and she vows to free the rest of them and bring her torturer to justice.

Unfortunately the entire film looks decently cool with good acting and surprising plot twists, which means I can’t bitch about how poorly it was done, while still being hugely problematic in its message, which means I have to put my women and gender studies cap on and I AM SO FUCKING TIRED OF THAT CAP CAN’T WE JUST GET THIS SHIT RIGHT YET.

If the film followed the two sentence summary I gave above (see: above) there wouldn’t be too much to complain about. Let’s be real: if there’s something that everyone loves, except for rapists, it’s watching a rapist be killed to fuck by his rape victim. (And rapists, you’re really going to have to get on board. Maybe reconsider being a giant pile of sticky, toxic shit. Also stop reading my blog – aren’t you in jail? LOL of course you’re not. HAHAHAHAHA IT’S 2017 AND THIS IS STILL A THING.) So if this one played a little closer to Act of Vengeance (you know, without the litany of problems in that one) and had all the victims come together to stomp their rapist to the deathiest death that ever died, Bound to Vengeance could be a little more satisfying, because in some ways it was actually on the right track, until it went super off the right track and very solidly onto the wrong track. It’s fairly low on the torture porn, which is good. If you’re going to write about rape, (something way way overused as a plot device and way way underused as a reason to send people to prison forever) at least don’t show us the rape just for the shock value. Furthermore, Eve is an incredibly strong and moral woman who is only manipulated by her strong desire to keep other women from experiencing the same trauma she had to, which is also good.

And here’s where we end the section on Things That Are Good and dive deep into the Things That Are Fuck You, Bound To Vengeance part.

Which is: Every. Other. Goddamn. Part.

The first woman our hero tries to save is basically feral and runs straight into a metal pike in the yard the second she is freed and is impaled to death. So…..that happens. The second woman turns out to be fiercely loyal to her torturer and attacks Eve, who is forced to shoot her to death just to save her own life. Basically the entire rest of the film is written to continually undermine Eve’s attempt to do the right thing, resulting in her being frequently forced to do the wrong thing, while portraying the female victims as sheep led to the slaughter. I get it. Art dives into the shades of gray between right and wrong and challenges the viewer and blah blah blah I GET IT. But like….can you fucking not do it with RAPE? Can you maybe pick a subject where the actual real victims in reality are not ALREADY TOLD THEY ARE THE ONES AT FAULT? Can you maybe not examine the difficult ethics of something where the victim refuses to call the cops because THE COPS AND THE COURT SYSTEM WON’T PROTECT HER? Can we maybe examine the morality of REPEATEDLY CHOOSING TO GIVE RAPISTS THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT AND CAST DISPERSIONS ON RAPE VICTIMS WHO MAY HAVE ASKED FOR IT BECAUSE HER DRESS SHOWED OFF HER BUTT???





Horror should show awful things, of which rape is one of the worst. Horror is the perfect platform for examining the worst in everyone, and for taking its viewers to the darkest possible places. Horror is meant to elicit fear and disgust and to leave you feeling unsettled.

But maybe, when tackling a subject in which the real actual perpetrators of horrific violence are repeatedly treated as inherently good people who deserve a second chance, MAYBE use your movie to give the victims a second chance. MAYBE DON’T REINFORCE THE SHITTIEST ASPECTS OF REALITY IN SUCH A WAY THAT SUGGESTS THAT THE VIEWER’S EMPATHY FOR THE VICTIM, MODELED ON ACTUAL REAL VICTIMS WHO ACTUALLY REALLY DESERVE EMPATHY, MAY BE WRONG.


The cinematography was okay though.

So……there’s that I guess.

Great work, team.


Jesus christ, at least that’s over. Next time I promise something more fun and less upsetting. Something that won’t make me so mad and exhausted every time I think about writing it that I abandon my blog for two straight months.

Me, remembering I had to write this post.
Bound To Vengeance