Darna Mana Hai

Here we go, number 17 of my 31 for uhhhhh 365 if I’m being honest, and it only took me…five months to revisit! At this rate I’ll be able to just wrap this 31 for 31 into the next Halloween season and it will NEVER NOT BE HALLOWEEN, HURRAY.

Anyway, Darna Mana Hai is an Indian anthology horror film from 2003, and as you all know I LOVE an anthology. I love an anthology for two reasons: one, because it is far easier to make a good horror story last for ten minutes than it is to make one last for ninety minutes, which means anthologies are on the whole more likely to be good than the average feature length horror movie; and two, because it is far easier to watch something terrible for ten minutes than for ninety minutes. These will both be tested in my viewing of Darna Mana Hai.

Darna Mana Hai (which roughly translates to “Fear is Forbidden,” thanks to my friend Manoj for translating what I was too lazy to google) (and it is definitely extremely easy to google) is about a group of Cool Teens who get lost in the woods when their car breaks down and who wander into the forest (????), find an abandoned house, and tell scary stories around a bonfire. After each story (read: anthology short) one Cool Teen at a time decides to walk back to the car (?!?!?!?!) and gets disappeared by a Mysterious Killer until only a couple teens are left. Then they all die the end.

Fortunately for this movie, most of the shorts are marginally better than the cliche and underwhelming wraparound story. Unfortunately for me, this is not true for all of the shorts. Example: the short film Apples is about a guy who sells apples and everyone who eats one of his apples turns into an apple. That’s it. That’s the story. I know my intense fear of saying something mildly awkward at a social gathering wouldn’t make for a great movie either, but is this something people are afraid of? Being an apple sounds pretty chill. Especially if everyone else who might eat an apple is now also an apple.

But I wouldn’t worry about this one too much as it has already been pulled from Netflix in the time it has taken me to write this review, so you won’t even have the option of wasting your time with it. Plus I already spoiled the Apples story for you, so what’s the point.


But that’s okay, at least now I get to move on to the next one, maybe that one will be AW JEEZ

The link won’t even load, that’s how rotten this tomato is.

Darna Mana Hai